Request for Pre-Qualifications - Construction of Water Supply Wells -- RFQ20240610

This is a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from prospective water well drilling contractors that wish to be prequalified for a subsequent invitational procurement related to the Rosthern Well(s) Project. This RFQ contains mandatory requirements that the prospective well drilling contractors must be able meet in order to participate in this prequalification process.
This invitation is a Request for Pre-Qualification (RFQ) for the Rosthern Well(s) Project, not an invitation to bid, and each respondent agrees that no contract of any kind is formed out of this RFQ.
The Town of Rosthern has retained Beckie Hydrogeologists (1990) Ltd. (Beckie) to direct the Rosthern Well(s) Project on their behalf. Technical inquiries by water well drilling contractors related this RFQ are to be submitted in writing to Beckie Hydrogeologists (1990) Ltd.

No additional information for this competition.
Competition Documents:
Rosthern_SaskTenders Drilling Contractor RFQ_May 7 2024.pdf
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Nicole Lerat
Response Address
Town of Rosthern
PO Box 416
Rosthern, SK, Canada
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Town of Rosthern
Request for Pre-Qualifications - Construction of Water Supply Wells
Request for Qualifications
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