Walking Trail Expansion -- HUD2022-01

The Town of Hudson Bay is requesting proposals from qualified Contractors to undertake the construction of a 4 km extension to the walking trail in the Town of Hudson Bay. This project will complete a community wide all season walking trail that encircles the Town of Hudson Bay.

The Walking Trail will be an extension of the current trail system. The project will involve clearing of mixed wood, stumps and brush materials 15 feet wide by approx. 4km long. Along with building a centered trail grade. The area is mixed forest with low lying areas located on the east side of Hudson Bay along the rail line with 7 storm drainage crossings.

The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to inform potential bidders of an opportunity and to permit them to submit proposals.  The Town’s Public Works Director and Recreation Facilities Maintenance Manager will oversee the work of the Contractor, in addition to directing all aspects of the Scope of the Work identified in this RFP.

Contractor is expected to possess the necessary experience, skills, and craftsman ship to complete the needed ground work and the ability to build a high quality and sustainable natural surface walking trail.


RFP is attached or can be picked up at the Town of Hudson Bay office at 304 Main St. Hudson Bay Saskatchewan

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Walking Trail Extension Project
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