Meewasin Conservation Tools Manual and Internal Policy Review -- NUP-CTMIPR

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to invite Proponents to prepare and submit competitive Proposals to provide a conservation tool manual for Meewasin and a review of internal policies to provide recommendations on how to implement these tools. The conservation tool manual will outline various land conservation mechanisms available in Saskatchewan to Meewasin to conserve ecologically or culturally significant lands with the potential expansion of the conserved corridor of the Meewasin Valley in the Saskatoon region in mind. The project will include a review of current conservation tool policies and will suggest changes and / or new policies related to the various land conservation tool recommendations. The project will provide the best management practices for each tool. Tools may be used for long-term securement (e.g. fee simple purchase, land donations, and conservation easements), short-term conservation (e.g. land stewardship agreement), land management agreements of partner lands, and must explore Indigenous-led conservation initiatives that could be applicable to the Meewasin Valley. The successful Proponent will work with the project leads from the Meewasin Valley Authority and partner organizations.
This is exploratory work is intended to establish a clear framework to guide Meewasin’s ongoing land securement operations in a growing urban center.
Proponents must demonstrate their knowledge and experience in the Canadian prairies in conservation policy development and land conservation including fee simple purchase, land donations, conservation easements and other available short and long-term conservation tools.

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