Operational Technologies Services and Support -- 2023A-01083

The scope of supply for this five year agreement shall include service, support and design within the OT environment and employ a fully integrated team who are proficient in all facets/peripherals and scopes within the OT environment. The scopes of this agreement are broken into the following sections.

The Network scope may include: procurement; configuration; installation and support of managed switches, firewalls, network appliances and, Asset Management Software. This scope would also include design and management of an ICS PM and Disaster Recovery plan.

The System Integrator scope may include: procurement; configuring; installation and support the internal OT Team with PLC, PAC, HMI and associated peripherals. This scope would include the implementation of firmware and configuration upgrades, as well as maintenance and project support.

The Panel Shop scope may include: procurement; design; fabrication; installation; and testing of CSA certified panels.

The Instrumentation and Electrical scope may include: loop checks; verification checks; equipment connections; instrumentation calibrations and PM’s; and start-up support.

With such a large variety within the scope the successful proponents fully integrated team shall include: OT/IT Specialists; Automation System Integrators; Technical Specialists/SME’s; Engineering and Project  Management Team; Panel Shop Fabrication and Instrumentation and Electrical Technicians.

This competition has been cancelled because: This competition has been replaced with a Request for Supplier Qualifications which will be posted to SaskTenders.ca.

It was cancelled at: 9/29/2023 11:37:14 AM

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