LAS Branding -- LAS30

Develop and implement branding, visual identity, and social media strategies for the LAS.

The LAS would like to undertake a branding exercise that also incorporates visual identity and social media components. Strategies, logos, colour palettes, templates and guides will need to be developed as well as any other requirements deemed necessary by the LAS.

The LAS is a unique organization with five separate operational divisions. They include: The Office of the Clerk, the Legislative Library, Parliamentary Counsel and Precinct, Parliamentary Support and Member and Corporate Services. Within the Divisions there are also unique support branches such as Human Resources, Information Technology Services, and Parliamentary Publications.

Over the years, the LAS has developed various logos and visual identity templates, however; formal branding and visual identity strategies have not been developed, approved, and implemented.

The LAS is responsible for the Legislative Assembly’s external website as well as its social media channels and there is a combination of Legislative Assembly and LAS information on all platforms. The LAS has developed and implemented a social media strategy, however, there is a need to enhance the strategy and develop comprehensive guidelines.

It is important to note, the LAS is not the Legislative Assembly. There is a distinct separation between the Assembly (MLAs, Legislative business, House proceedings, Legislative Committees, etc.) and the LAS (administration of the Assembly: staff that provided services to MLAs, public, stakeholders and those responsible for parliamentary and procedural operations).

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