Driver Education Training -- 206-2021-02

The Prairie Spirit School Division No. 206, herein referred to as the Board, is requesting 
proposals from qualified instructors to provide Driver Training Education Instruction for eligible students 
throughout the schools within the division. The details, requirements and any other relevant
information can be found within this document.


No additional information for this competition.
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Award Details
Alert Driving Academy
Saskatoon, SK
Parcel D & E
Jun 07, 2021
Eileen's Driving School
Domremy, SK
Parcels A & B
Jun 07, 2021
Precision Driving School
Saskatoon, SK
Parcel C
Jun 07, 2021
 Jun 21, 2021 11:38 AM CST
 Apr 30, 2021 09:00 AM CST
 May 14, 2021 12:00 PM CST
Shauna Bergen
Response Address
Shauna Bergen
Competition Information
Prairie Spirit School Division No. 206
Driver Education Training
Request for Proposal
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