Business Development Consultancy -- CAMPBUS2022

Campion believes that there are many strategic partnerships that may:

  1. support the needs of these organizations;
  2. increase Campion’s outreach to its community partners, especially those in the Catholic community; and
  3. increase revenue for the College. 

Therefore, the College is seeking to engage the services of a marketing or business consultant to explore such partnerships and develop a business plan for sustained use of College facilities to increase revenue and build community relevancy.

Deliverables for the project will focus on introducing new potential partnerships and/or lead opportunities through research/analysis of data and trends to a functioning business unit, while ensuring Campion has the capacity to manage additional functions beyond its current core programming. 

Reporting directly to the Executive Director of Administration & Finance, the successful firm will also be accountable to the entire Campion College Leadership team which includes the President and Dean of the College, and the Executive Director.

1.1 External (marketplace) review

  • Conduct research and competitive analysis through market research.
  • Identify key partners that will lead to revenue generation opportunities. 
  • Outreach to College constituents such as recent grads, alumni, school boards and Catholic organizations.

1.2 Internal capacity review

  • Determine college capacity for additional programming:
  • Collaboration with the different departments of the college faculty, campus ministry, facilities, and marketing.
  • Evaluate internal environment and capacity requirements needed to accommodate additional programming.

1.3 Develop and deliver a comprehensive strategy and business plan

  • Couple the external needs of the market place with internal capacities of the College into a new revenue stream.
  • Develop policies and protocol for such a new business venture.
  • Provide consultation on planning and starting the new business unit.
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