NLC Hybrid Vehicle -- 23-309296-RFQ

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) is conducting a Request for Quotation for the purchase of one (1) brand new Hybrid vehicle for SIGA’s Northern Lights Casino, the required specifications are detailed in the tables below.

1. Substitutes will be considered provided quality, features/specifications are similar. Bidders must provide the
specification sheet/window stickers of the vehicle along with their bid submission.
2. Must be a new vehicle, must have low mileage or vehicle will not be accepted. 100km or less is preferred.
3. AC Tax, Tire Tax, Destination Fee and any discount must be included in the quote above.
4. Vehicle MUST NOT be driven to the F.O.B Delivery Point; it must be transported to the F.O.B Delivery Point via flat
deck truck or other means arranged by the dealership. Associated costs should be included in the delivery section
of the above table.
5. Standard warranty to be included. Provide warranty information along with your bid submission.
6. Bidders must specify the exterior colour and interior colour for the vehicle in their bid submission.
7. The Bidders shall ensure before delivery that the vehicle is free from wear (rust), if it has been displayed outdoors
at their location.
8. SIGA reserves the right to contact any or all Bidders to clarify their submission.
9. All Pricing must be in Canadian Dollars $CAD.

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