Request for Quotations for Pike Lake Outlet Upgrade -- WSA-2020-0016

This Request for Quotations (the “RFQ”) is an invitation by Water Security Agency (“WSA”) to prospective respondents to submit non-binding quotations for Pike Lake Outlet Upgrade.

The scope of work in general, in conjunction with the Contract Documents is defined as:

•    Removal of existing CSP outlet, platform, gate and associated works
•    Supply and installation of precast concrete overflow structure and associated works
•    Supply and installation of PVC pipe
•    Construction and armouring of structure outfall

Outflow from Pike Lake occurs primarily via a gated culvert located at the north end of the lake (NW 16-34-6 W3).  Due to age of the culvert and structure, the existing infrastructure is in poor condition.  In recent year, WSA has monitored the outlet structure and identified as leaking.  The outlet releases water into North Drain, a natural channel which discharges to the South Saskatchewan River in SW 33-34-6 W3, just over 3 km north of the outlet.  Historically Parks staff have operated the gated culvert outlet under the direction of WSA, this is generally done when the lake level exceeds the FSL.  There is a dugout upstream of the present outlet structure and an equalizing culvert between Pike Lake and dugout upstream of the outlet structure.  A plug is installed at the equalizing culvert and dugout and the dugout is drained for construction activities.

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