Edenwold Rink Roofing project -- 2021-1R

Project request for proposal project start date on or after June 1st, 2021, to be completed by October 31st, 2021.  Roof is approximately 205' long by 67.5' from ground to peak; 27700 sq ft, contractor must ensure exact measurement.

Roof to be stripped of old shingles, the hauling of the old shingles is not a requirement on this proposal.  Synthetic underlayment membrance must be installed, strapped with 2x4's on 24' o/c, install metal roof with low profile ribs installed vertically, metal to be 29 gauge steel.  Install to include trim, flashing, and cladding of dormers.  Include breakdown of cost and labour.  Contractors must have own insurance including liability insurance, must have a letter of good standing from Workman's Compensation Board; valid until end of project.  Metal install warranty required. 

Lowest bid not necessarily accepted, closed sealed tenders send or faxed to the Village of Edenwold, PO Box 130, Edenwold SK   S0G 1K0

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Edenwold Rink Roofing project
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