Property Appraisal Service -- 206-2020-09

The Prairie Spirit School Division (PSSD), as represented by the Finance Department, is requesting
Proposals for the provision of Property Appraisal Services to provide a detailed, written appraisal
of certain property, plant and equipment assets, by physical location, to determine the current
replacement costs in order to obtain appropriate insurance coverage in accordance with conditions
included in this Request for Proposal (RFP). Through this RFP, PSSD seeks to:

a)           Select the successful Proponent.
b)           Specify the conditions that would govern any resulting Contract.
c)           Determine the costs.

The term of the Contract shall commence on January 1, 2021 and shall remain in effect until
December 31, 2025 with an option to extend up to an additional 5 years, unless otherwise
terminated in accordance with the terms outlined herein.

No additional information for this competition.
Competition Documents:
Statement of Values January 2020
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RFP Property Appraisal Services
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Sherry Todosichuk
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Prairie Spirit School Division
523 Langley Avenue
Warman, SK, Canada
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Prairie Spirit School Division No. 206
Property Appraisal Service
Request for Proposal
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