Mowing - Elk Hill Cemetery & Inkster School -- RMN2022-01

The RM of Nipawin No. 487 is calling for tenders for mowing during the 2022 summer season at the following locations:

Elk Hill Cemetery NW 05-50-15 W2
-6 miles West of Codette. The cemetery is located along the North side grid 789.

Inkster School NE 34-49-15 W2
-3 miles West and 1/2 a mile South of Codette. The school is located along the West side of range road 2152.

Tenders much include:
-A list of equipment
-Prices per mowing per location
-Any additional charges

Lowest or any tenders not necessarily accepted. Tenders will be accepted until March 1, 2022 at 4:00 pm.

Tenders may be submitted to:

Mail: RM of Nipawin     Box 250     Codette, SK   S0E 0P0

Drop off: RM office 529 Service Street, Codette


Fax: 306-862-2432



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Rural Municipality of Nipawin No. 487
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S0E 0P0
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Rural Municipality of Nipawin No. 487
Mowing - Elk Hill Cemetery & Inkster School
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