Sexual Assault Support Services in Swift Current -- 7409

This Negotiated Request for Proposal (NRFP) is an invitation by the Government of Saskatchewan (GOS) to prospective Proponents to provide Submissions for the provision of Sexual Assault Support Services in Swift Current as further described in the NRFP Particulars (Appendix A).

For the purpose of this NRFP, APPENDIX C: SUBMISSION FORM will be attached separately. Proponents are requested to complete and submit this form as their response.
APPENDIX A – NRFP Particulars (page 18) contains pertinent information regarding the services. Instructions to Proponents, GOS processes, and Terms and Conditions are included for Proponents reference and guidance.
GOS would like to encourage potential suppliers to consider this opportunity and welcomes any questions and Individual Proponent Meetings requested. These meetings may take place in-person, via conference call or video conference.

Competition Documents:
Amendment Documents:
Award Documents:
Award Details
South West Crisis Services Ltd.
Swift Current, SK
The award amount specified is an estimate only, and does not express or imply an obligation of the Government of Saskatchewan or the agencies identified to accept or purchase any such items or services whatsoever
Aug 08, 2019
 Aug 08, 2019 03:31 PM CST
 May 28, 2019 04:40 PM CST
 Jun 17, 2019 02:00 PM CST
Tanya Cyr
Response Address
1st Floor, 1920 Rose Street
Regina, SK, Canada
S4P 0A9
Competition Information
Justice and Attorney General
Sexual Assault Support Services in Swift Current
Invitation to Tender
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