2022-Interpretive Signage (Content Development & Writing) -- 2022-InterpSignage

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to invite Proponents to prepare and submit competitive proposals for the development of interpretive content for a maximum of 13 unique Meewasin interpretive panels to be located at Kinsmen Riverfront (5), Southwest Trail (4) and Meewasin Park (4), as well as corresponding content for the Meewasin App. This project includes content development (research, theming, sourcing of photographs/art, etc.) and interpretive writing for the panels, as well as corresponding related content for the Meewasin App.

Meewasin has recently completed trail and site enhancements at Kinsmen Riverfront, Southwest Trail and Meewasin Park. As part of the enhancement of these trail sections, a series of interpretive panels will be installed to share the natural and cultural history of the River Valley with residents and visitors. These panels will include a QR code that will direct the public to the Meewasin App, where they can view additional related content.

For information on these trail and site enhancements, please visit the Meewasin website here: https://meewasin.com/current-meewasin-trail-enhancements/

To view the Meewasin App, please visit the website here: https://app.meewasin.com/

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2022-Interpretive Signage (Content Development & Writing)
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