Security Services - PreQualification for Bid List -- SX6420

Security Services – Inquiry #SX6420 - Pre-Qualification for Bid List. Scope of Work - to provide SaskEnergy with facility checks and alarm response services and Mobile Security Patrols at various locations in the City of Regina, City of Saskatoon, and Emerald Park.  Services are required 7 days a week and patrols are typically required between hours of 8:30 pm and 5:30 am daily except weekends and holidays when patrols are required 24 hours per day.  See attached Scope of Work.

If you wish to pre-qualify for this bid list, please complete attached Pre-Qualification document and return to Jo-Ann Rud, SaskEnergy Purchasing at email: by end of business day February 19, 2019.  In the email subject line ensure to provide your company name and the Inquiry # noted above.

Note if you have previously pre-qualified with SaskEnergy/TransGas for these services and wish to confirm if you are on the bid list, please email to inquire.


SaskEnergy/TransGas is committed to the promotion of the industrial and economic growth of the NWPTA region.  SaskEnergy/TransGas may choose to only accept bids from NWPTA region suppliers or give preference to bidders who are NWPTA region suppliers.  SaskEnergy/TransGas has the sole, absolute and final discretion and authority to determine whether a bidder is a NWPTA region supplier.

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Security Services - PreQualification for Bid List
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