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This Request for Bid (RFB) is an invitation by the Government of Saskatchewan (GOS) to prospective Proponents to provide Submissions for the provision of two (2) Detecto Pak – Infrared (DP-IR) Gas Detectors, as further described in the RFB Particulars (Appendix A).

The GOS requires two (2) DP-IR Gas Detectors for the Ministry of Energy Resources (ER). The details and specifications are included in Appendix B – Submission Form.

The DP-IR is a piece of field equipment that allows spot testing for detection of methane gas that migrates through soils in and around subsurface oil and gas infrastructure. The gas migration detectors will be used by field staff in walking and mobile leak surveys to audit industry’s declaration around gas migration testing required for ER’s well abandonment procedure. In addition, the tool will be used during landowner complaint investigations around dead vegetation and surface anomalies found around well sites.

Only email submission will be accepted.

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Detecto Pak - Infrared Gas Detectors
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