Kindersley Dawn View Court Roof Replacement and Mechanical Upgrade -- SHC-04-08-2021

Tenders for the roof replacement and mechanical upgrade of Dawn View Court located at 322 Railway Avenue E in Kindersley, Saskatchewan will be received by Living Skies Housing authority on behalf of Kindersley Housing Authority up to 2:00 P.M., Regina City Time, April 27, 2021.  Deliver bids electronically to .  Bids shall be made on the Bid Form provided and submitted as a single PDF in electronic format.  Hardcopy, fax or telephone proposals will not be accepted.  Hardcopy bids will be returned unopened to the bidder.

Description of the Work:  Approximate area 6100 square feet of Roof Replacement and Mechanical Upgrade for two roof areas for a 32-suite, three-storey apartment building.

Plans and specifications are available for download from SaskTenders or by contacting Living Skies Housing Authority at 306-537-8157.

Tenders must be accompanied by an electronic copy of a Bid Bond and ‘Consent of Surety’ in the amount of Ten Percent (10%) of the tender.

Subcontractors/Suppliers shall file their Bids directly to General Contractors.

Plans and specifications may be viewed at Regina and Saskatoon Construction Associations.

There will be a Mandatory site review meeting on site on April 13, 2021 at 11:00 A.M. CST.

The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. The Owner reserves the right to reject tenders from parties without reasonable acquaintance with the class of work specified.  Evidence of competency shall be provided if requested.  These reservations shall apply equally to sub-contractors.

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