Advance Contract Award Notice for ARIS Explorer 1800 -- WSA-2021-0009

WSA is seeking advanced resolution imaging sonar (ARIS) equipment to detect fish, particularly Lake Sturgeon, in sufficient detail in difficult environments where traditional fish capture methods are not feasible and/or have not been successful such as riverine systems with fast flow and turbid waters. ARIS systems have been used elsewhere by government agencies and scientists to identify and enumerate sturgeon species to sufficient scientific standard in the turbid waters typical of the prairie environments in which WSA operates. To WSA’s knowledge, Ocean Marine Industries, Inc. is the only known North American distributor of ARIS technology. Moreover, the ARIS Explorer 1800 equipment must be received by Water Security Agency’s head office no later than March 31, 202.

WSA is a Treasury Board Crown corporation within the meaning of The Crown Corporations Act, 1993 (Saskatchewan) that is governed by The Water Security Agency Act (Saskatchewan).  WSA is responsible for water management in the Province of Saskatchewan, which includes managing the Province’s water supply, protecting water quality, ensuring safe drinking water and the treatment of wastewater, reducing flood and drought damage, protecting aquatic habitat, and managing 72 dams and related supply channels.

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Advance Contract Award Notice for ARIS Explorer 1800
Advanced Contract Award Notice
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