Civic Square East – Roof Replacement -- COSe20-0407

Remove and replace existing roof structure as specified.

Solicitation documents for this procurement can be found on

All respondents must register on the City’s electronic bidding system at This will enable the respondent to download the solicitation document, ask questions, receive addenda and email notifications, and submit their bid through the bidding system.

Submission Deadline:  2:00:59 p.m. Saskatchewan Time, Monday, November 2, 2020

Site Meeting:  Date: October 21, 2020;  Time: 9:00am, 9:45am, 10:30am; Location: Civic Square East; Meet at: Parking Lot.  Site Visit needs to be pre-booked for one of the above times through the RFQ Contact.

Consent of Surety:  The respondent shall provide with their submission, a Letter of Surety, executed under Seal by a Surety Company. Submission requirements for bonds have changed. Consent of Surety, are required in a digital format, and must be must be verifiable by the Owner.  A Scanned Copy or Facsimiles of the Consent of Surety will not be accepted.  See bid documents for instructions.

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Civic Square East – Roof Replacement
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