Request for Quote for Server Hardware -- ST-DOC1817936903

SaskTel International requires a quote for the provision of three servers:

Servers - Storage - 4 TB per server, storage must be local, and on a Minimum of 6 disks, in a Server that has room for a minimum of 8 disks. ~75% standard storage and ~25% is SSD on a minimum of 2 SSD drives. Example: 4 Regular Drives around 800GB->1TB, 2 SSD Drives of 500/600GB, giving around 4.2->5.2 TB of storage. CPU ->16 Core on 2 sockets per machine. The highest clock rate we can get 3.4 GHz Minimum, preference to 3.6GHz + GA release date of processor model must be less than 2 years from date of quote. Memory ->256GB per machine.

Participation process:

Suppliers interested in participating in this opportunity must do so via SaskTel’s e-Sourcing tool with Ariba.

Suppliers not yet registered with SaskTel’s Ariba domain, must first complete the Self Registration process by clicking on the link provided below.  Suppliers not registered and approved with SaskTel’s Ariba e-sourcing tool, will not be able to participate in this opportunity.

Note: Suppliers with an active Ariba Commerce Cloud account not previously registered with SaskTel, must ensure they login using their existing Ariba account ID to register with SaskTel as the first step in the registration process.

For assistance with the registration process, please use the following link:

Registered Suppliers must contact SaskTel to request access to the event by one of the following methods:

E-mail SaskTel at (Please provide legal company name and names of users (including e-mail address) that exist in the Ariba account that specifically need to be invited to this opportunity)


Call the SaskTel Procurement Department at (306) 777-4041

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