Emission Testing Services -- TX6779

TransGas requires performance testing, emissions checks and on-demand testing services as required to comply with the Multi-Sector Air Pollutant Regulations. TransGas requires a Contractor with expertise in the Natural Gas transmission and processing industry, who can provide the necessary field staff, expertise and equipment to conduct emissions testing in accordance with the Multi-Sector Air Pollutant Regulations, Part 2: Stationary Spark-Ignition Engines and perform routine engine tuning activities for the engine to meet the stipulated regulations.  The performance tests under this Contract are required by TransGas to ensure the engines are not drifting from the established NOx emissions limits.

The Contractor shall perform NOx emissions intensity testing on Stationary Spark-Ignition Engines and provide written reports summarizing the results for each engine. Tests, including methods, number of tests/engine, engine load and sample location, shall meet the requirements as outlined in the Multi-Sector Air Pollutant Regulations, Part 2.

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 May 11, 2022 08:00 AM CST
 Jan 27, 2022 03:45 PM CST
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Christie Butalid
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SaskEnergy Incorporated
300-1777 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK, Canada
S4P 4K5
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SaskEnergy Incorporated
Emission Testing Services
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