Odessa Hall - Grade Beam & Piles -- ODESHALL-0001

The Village of Odessa is requesting quotations for the construction of a concrete grade beam and pile foundation for a new community hall in Odessa, SK. The entire project itself contains multiple tenders and vendors are encouraged to bid on any and/or all quotations available for this project.

See attached tender form and working drawings for all information. If there are any questions, please email villageofodessa@sasktel.net for more information. If you would like to speak with someone over the phone, please email your contact information and we will reach out to you.

Tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked:

“Odessa Hall – Grade Beam & Piles”
Village of Odessa
P.O. Box 91
Odessa Saskatchewan
S0G 3S0

Competition Documents:
Amendment Documents:
 Feb 24, 2022 02:02 PM CST
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Leticia Gould
Response Address
Village of Odessa
PO Box 91
Odessa, SK, Canada
S0G 3S0
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Village of Odessa
Odessa Hall - Grade Beam & Piles
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