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Scope of Work: 

To perform Welding Services throughout SaskEnergy’s natural gas system.  These requirements are on an “as required” basis. 

The Work includes, but not limited to, providing qualified labour and equipment to undertake:

  • the construction of new natural gas facilities,
  • modifications extension of and emergency repair to existing facilities.

To qualify and be acceptable to SaskEnergy, the Welder shall:

  • have a minimum of five (5) years experience in distribution (Low pressure) and transmission (high pressure up to 20 inch pipe) and compressor station fabrication and installation.
  • be completely capable to conduct vertical up and down hand welding
  • methods in both arc and oxy-acetylene welding.
  • possess a valid F3-4 Saskatchewan Municipal Government pressure Ticket on 2 1/2 inch tube, 6G position.
  • be required to successfully pass SaskEnergy Work test in oxy-acetylene and electric arc welding.  Oxy-acetylene 1 1/4 inch butt joint bell hole position (3G).  Shield metal arc welding, 6 inch butt joint bell hole position 3G,  down hand method.
  • be able to perform hot tie-ins, hot taps and emergency repairs on pressurized natural gas lines.
  • possess a valid vehicle operator’s license

For complete details see attached Scope of Work.

Interested vendors must complete the attached prequalification (and submit resume).

Note: Notwithstanding SaskTenders site terms, to further participate in any future inquiry, a party must have successfully completed the Vendor Pre-Qualification process. 

SaskEnergy/TransGas is committed to the promotion of the industrial and economic growth of the NWPTA region.  SaskEnergy/TransGas may choose to only accept bids from NWPTA region suppliers or give preference to bidders who are NWPTA region suppliers.  SaskEnergy/TransGas has the sole, absolute and final discretion and authority to determine whether a bidder is a NWPTA region supplier.


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